Amazon steals the network effect.


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Solution: A universal network effect cooperative competitor that uses liquid democracy to run it.

Greece 2.0 (adding the steroids and super charging)

My Universal Data Base Theory,

A phone directory with a percentage of the population has marginal benefits, but a universal directory with every phone number of the population is exponentially more useful.

If the government asks, voluntarily for every person to fill out a profile then the entrepreneurs will have a far easier time satisfying the needs of their neighbors.  It is one thing to be an expert in making shoes, but its an entirely more difficult proposition to know how many shoes, what kind and what size and what demand their will be.  However with universal database these most difficult questions for a capitalist shoe making operation become immediately trivial with a universal database which is uniform and backed by and participated in by the society.  One simply queries the database to find the demand for shoes, offers to fill the demand locally, shows they have the resources, gets a thumbs up from the local advisory board.  This enterprise can even add full lifecycle, recycling, and handme downs to pass the used or refurbished shoes to the next person/child in the database as eveyone is listed.  Eventually even the shoe creation projection for years to come can be predetermined.

Another example, perhaps more urgent.  I am hungry! This is a button on the phone, no one starves, we know your location and your needs and the first order of business means no one goes hungry.  Whether their are euros, drachmas, or not makes no difference.  When the farmer brings in xyz amount it it listed in the universal database.

Conclusion:  What do you call such a system?  Communism? No, Socialism, perhaps,  Super efficient capitalism?  Perhaps it depends on labor and rewards.  How much does the shoemaker get paid?  How much does the shoe designer get paid?  How much does the engineer that develops a better design get paid?  Well we know with universal database we could track exactly how many hours each person involved put in.  We could divide equally.  If desired we could even simply institute a virtual currency based on hours, one hour is one unit.  If the system was more efficient than current neo liberal economic systems than no one would have to spend or acquire more than 40 unit/hours per week.  With the universal database, the systems capacity, employment, standard of living, can all be measured instantly at any moment.  Any idle resource is cataloged and awaiting an entrepreneur.

Requirements: Near universal usage, thus government endorsement.  A temporary tax holiday for all transactions conducted through the system.  The seed money to pay programmers to build the initial system.  A regulation free zone temporarily, with a vague protection clause, such as if you use the database to exploit your neighbors in such a way that they are upset and feel cheated you will be subject to punishment to community service and in extreme cases jail.  The government need to back and enforce a unique id for each phone assigned to each person.  They should provide unlimited internet to each person.  They should mandate a sort of census, whereby youth that are creating the system go out and teach everyone to input their data to increase the systems value.

Privacy:  I have some ideas on how to create nearly perfect privacy standards, I will not expose the details here but should not be too hard.

In or Out what your preference for Grexit?

Pros, stay in Eurozone, simplified trading, easier travel over boarders.  International companies understand your regulations. Cons, has not helped, as every Greek’s share of debt is 36,000 euros.  Did not create jobs.  System is similar to USA capitalism with a 45 years downtrend in standard of living.  Americans on average work harder than ever for less.  This system can be yours in Greece yay. Or exit, build a new system, designed for an ever increasing standard of living for everyone.  Take advantage of the modern computer age, new systems of currency and lending.  Build a more cooperative system, and perhaps enjoy an explosion in standard of living and overall life quality.  Get recognized around the world and genius leaders in thought an action.  Have Greek pride reach a new epoch.

Why democracy in a box does not exist? And how to change that.

When the USA invaded Iraq on the pretense of spreading democracy why didn’t they have 40 foot containers, with computers, mobile phones, bylaws, in fact an entire generic government infrastructure?  Why doesn’t DARPA or other agencies develop this now, for future, “democracy excursions?”

  1. It’s existence would acknowledge that the current American system is not the best.
  2. It would be more egalitarian, making it harder for anyone with wealth to exploit the system.

Note: The why explains why we not only do not create a better system but how do we explain why the existing system continues to get worse?  It is because those with wealth make their money by exploiting others not as commonly believed working harder and smarter.  Also, they (those with the gold (Note write this article)), are getting better at it every day.  This is why since I was born nearly 50 years ago it has on average gotten harder for the for the average worker in the us with the average start in life to improve their lot in life.  Simply because those pretending to work more efficiently are simply getting better at taking a larger share of the wealth while simultaneously contributing less to society.  A side problem is the environment is also getting cheated as its more profitable to do so.  Further compounding the problem (counter intuitive to poor people) is that the richest feel intensely entitled and compelled to acquire more wealth even as their wealth passes the ‘un-spendable’ threshold.  There is simply no personal art or object one can buy for over a billion dollars and yet they continue to pursue getting more, even while denying those around them the basics.

Counter: We must understand that they (the wealthy) in general (99%) do no functional work.  Any improved system we create actually needs to excel at doing what they pretend their system does.  If you work harder and smarter you get more.  Perhaps you deserve twice as much, or maybe even ten times as much but certainly not thousand of times more than anyone else.

So if academics create a better model, instead of it being implemented and tested it will get rejected immediately by the powers that be, as they are only interested in continually modifying the existing model to further their greedy ambitions.

Ideally an entire county would be utilized as an example, of a better model, perhaps for the world to follow.  This would have to be a modern country stuck in an unsustainable situation, thus allowing the choice to try a new system.  This is Greece.

Greeks, I implore you to build Greece 2.0, and I urge the world to help.

PS. You should start by providing universal smart phone access for every Greek, in fact make it mandatory.  This is more important, than transportation infrastructure and is far cheaper to implement.

  1. Phone can be the ID and even the passport.
  2. You can use the phone for virtual currency, no printing press needed.
  3. You can have as much direct democracy as you like through the phone.
  4. You can localize the shit out of everything.
  5. You can build a new paperless digital government.
  6. You can implement a Pre ordered economy. (Imagine instant kickstarter for everyone)
    1. government encourages all resources to be inventoried
    2. Micro districts of 100-2000 people elect small boards to endorse local projects.
    3. All customers, orders, needed equipment, rents, accounting, raw materials, labor are all pre determined and approved by micro committee before project is launched.
    4. {More ambitious projects would require many micro committee endorsements, for example creating a Greek smartphone factory in Athens, to build 10 million smartphones for 10 million Greeks, this might need a mechanism for purchasing millions of euros worth of equipment, through the main Greek government, but maybe not, if it’s crowdfunded no government funds would be needed}

Movie: US Now, use for ideas for a Greek economic solution.

Published on Dec 8, 2012 by Renderyard
Us Now documentary takes a look at how this type of participation could transform the way that countries are governed. It tells the stories of the online networks whose radical self-organising structures threaten to change the fabric of government forever.

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